Monday, March 31, 2014

Wineducation: Upcycle That Wine Bottle

There is one thing about drinking my beloved wine that causes me to pause, this particular nuance of sipping the garnet elixir can be slightly embarrassing when the neighbors are around to witness it, that is the huge crash of broken bottles when you take out the trash from a weekend (or a work week, I don't judge) of delightful wine drinking. That sound, the glass on glass shattering, that in your face reminder of just how much you have been partaking in, gave me the inspiration to start upcycling my empty wine bottles.

Now, I could just line up the empty bottles along the top of a cabinet as in a murderers row of deliciousness, but I decided that in the current state of DIY in our world I would dig around the web for more inspiring ways to upcycle, and here is what I have to offer you (warning, get ready to fall in love with these ideas):

Wine Bottle Garden Edger: by Commercial Appeal 
I love this idea, no cutting, no crazy tools that I would not be able to master in a weekend, just plain old fashion digging a hole, sticking in the bottle, and letting it age.  I am going to start collecting my empty wine bottles tonight and do this in our back yard asap. Please visit Commercial Appeal for the details.
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Wine Bottle Center Piece: by Curbly
This center piece screams romance, or when the kiddies are home, whimsy, but either way I adore this.  You can't go wrong with white twinkly lights, but add a wine bottle to the scenario and you've bumped it up a notch.  Check out Six Heavenly Wine Bottle Center Pieces on Curbly for five more fantastic center pieces as well.
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DIY Wine Bottle Soap Dispensers: by The Red Chair Blog
These soap dispensers are a great way to add interest and spruce up that soapy sticky corner of your kitchen sink, not to mention what an upgrade these upcycled bottles are from the Palmolive bottle or the little travel sized bottle full of soap from the dollar bin.  I found this charming upcycled wine bottle idea on The Red Chair Blog, please visit the blog for more details.

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Although, I was inspired to look into upcycling my finished wine bottles in an attempt to escape the stigma that comes with the heavy crashing of wine bottles sounding from my recycling bin on trash day, I have to say that I am thoroughly inspired by these projects and will be putting those empties to use right away.  Please visit the sites above for more details and ideas of how you too can disguise your empty bottles by upcycling them.

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