Monday, March 3, 2014

Wineducation: Girl Scout Cookies and Wine

If you are the one bringing home the literal bread in your household then you have seen them, the bright eyed, loom band wearing, merit badge earning Girl Scouts and Brownies outside your supermarket doors selling those cookies.  Those cookies, the ones that can’t help but bring back my memories of selling those rectangular boxes while wearing knee high socks and a brown smock, offering my best seven year old sales pitch to unsuspecting supermarket customers, and as you know those cookies are hard to pass up. 
Thin Mints: a favorite.

Although, now that I have ditched the knee high socks for Ugg boots, I prefer to pair those cookies with a glass of wine rather than a glass of milk, and luckily for me someone has already tackled the challenge of pairing different Girl Scout cookies with the perfect wine.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, by Gretchen McKay and Nicole Martin, titled Pairing Girl Scout Cookies with Adult Beverages, answers the fun question of which Girl Scout cookie pair’s best with which variety of wine.

These are the characteristics the article suggested you want in your wine to best compliment your choice of Girl Scout cookie, I also added my budget friendly wine choices to help get this cookie and wine party started:

Thin Mints: The article suggests a spicier red wine to compliment the dark chocolate and strong mint flavors.           

Tagalongs: The article suggests a wine heavy on the grape flavor that will give a traditional peanut butter and jelly combo.
            My wine suggestions: Kirkland Cabernet Sauvignon or Double Dog Dare Cabernet Sauvignon

Samoas: The article suggests a complex wine with notes of orange, spice, and a coffee flavor finish.
            My wine suggestion: Recas Cabernet Sauvignon

Trefoils: The article suggests a champagne or white wine with buttery flavors to compliment the shortbread style cookie.
            My wine suggestion: Crow Canyon Vineyards Chardonnay

I LOVE these cookies!
So, when you are out picking up those Girl Scout cookies, don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine that is not only easy on your wallet, but is going to enhance the already deliciousness of those old school favorite cookies.

For even more Girl Scout cookie and wine pairings (beer, too), read the article, Pairing Girl Scout Cookies with Adult Beverages here.

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