Monday, March 17, 2014

Wine 20: Anakena Chile Carmenere

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to try any new wines, I have been searching my normal haunts (Trader Joe’s, Costco, and the Wal-Mart) and have been striking out in finding anything interesting that fits into my Middle-Class wine parameters (under ten bucks a bottle). Then, while on his own perfect brew mission, the Hubs returned from the Total Wine with something different, a Chilean Carmenere, and viola a new bottle to taste and share my thoughts on was found.

The Anakena Carmenere, as I mentioned, was purchased by the Hubs at the Total Wine for the close to the Middle-Class Mama cut-off price of $7.99.  Considering the general price range of the wines I drink are closer to $5 (or less), I considered this Anakena Carmenere on the fancier side of the wine rack. When I have a bottle of wine that I think is a little too highfalutin for a Wine Wednesday, I feel the need to hold onto it until a special occasion rolls around, or at least a weekend evening.

So this past Sunday evening, I looked at that bottle of Anakena Carmenere and thought, “tonight’s the night.” I pulled it out of it’s snug cubby of the wine rack, and twisted the aluminum cap off.  Grabbing a shatter proof wine glass (that we have managed to shatter two from the set), I poured the Carmenere, and the first thing I noticed is the very rich red color. Intense ruby coloring is a typical characteristic of this wine variety, "Carmenere" is a derivative of the French word carmin which translates to crimson, and so after a quick swirl of the vermilion wine in my glass, I was ready for tasting. 

The Anakena Carmenere has a bold spicy fruit aroma that is indicative of it’s robust flavor.  This Carmenere is no joke, it has a big well-rounded flavor, but it’s not just the grapes that are doing all the work in this wine, there is some serious spicy-earthy aspect that is putting in some flavor time as well.  This Carmenere is not for lightweight wine drinkers, it is delicious and was worth the $7.99 price tag, but the boldness of the flavors may not be for everyone.

I recommend the Anakena Carmenere for anyone who, like myself, has that adventurous epicurean side, because the many layers of flavor and vivid color of this wine will keep you happy sip after sip.  Although, the wine lovers who enjoy a smooth, even keel wine experience, the Arakena Carmenere may not be for you and you would most likely be more satisfied with a tasty Merlot, such as the Green FinMerlot from Trader Joes.

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  1. You are right on target. The Anakena Carmenere is a wonderful wine for the price!