Monday, February 10, 2014

Wineducation: Valentine's Wine Picks

There is many a besotted couple that only wine on Valentines Day because of the pressure to make this day special. The rest of the three hundred and sixty-four days of the year they rely upon other sorts of spirits to provide that warm and fuzzy buzz, so when this holiday focused on Love rolls around every February, these once a year wine drinkers are left staring aimlessly at the wine aisle with no clue what wine to pair with their impending evening of amore.

Don’t worry lovers, I’ve got a few safe (and of course wallet friendly) wines for you to choose from that will impress your object of affection on this Valentines Day:

·      If you and your love enjoy the darker side of life, collectors of odd treasures, lovers of The Walking Dead, and prefer a smidgen of edge in all that you do, pick up a bottle of Benefactor Cellars Shiraz (available at Trader Joes). The Benefactor Cellars Shiraz is a spicy red wine with warm fruit flavors; it’s a stylish bottle featuring a rather macabre label drawing and will only cost you $4.99.

·      If you are like the Hubs and I, busy multi-taskers who love taking a moment to be together, but enjoy that time even more if we can accomplish something else at the same time (killing two birds with one stone type of couple), then pick up your bottle of Kirkland Cabernet Sauvignon during your weekly trip to Costco for $7.99. The Kirkland Cab is a smooth wine that will go great with almost any home cooked special V-Day extravaganza (and in true Costco fashion, it’s a big bottle).

·      If you are the couple that recycles together, share in the joy of a compost pile, and make informed purchases that include green packaging and fair trade ingredients, well, this one is for you: Green Fin Merlot (also available at Trader Joe’s).  Priced at $3.99, the Green Fin Merlot is an easy-going red wine with a darker smoky finish that will work well with a spicy Mexican influenced dinner of enchiladas filled with fresh spinach from your very own pesticide-free organic garden.

A word to the wise, these wine choices will all run you between four and eight dollars, this is not too much to spend on the one day of the year that you are putting in an effort to show your love just how much you think of them, but do stay within this price range and refrain from dipping below.  Wines priced lower than the four dollar mark (Pacific Peak, Oak Leaf, and/or Charles Shaw) are for the daily wine lovers, by all means pick up a bottle or two those wines as well for a particularly great or bad Monday, but not for Valentine’s Day (please, seriously, don’t damage your relationships).

Happy Sipping on Valentine’s Day!

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