Monday, February 17, 2014

Wineducation: Don't Just Drink Your Wine

This past week’s wine drinking was interrupted by a very vile virus that attacked our home and took my boy and I out for most of the week. The inability to taste or smell anything for days on end kept me from uncorking and giving a new budget friendly bottle of wine a try in order to offer you a review. While wine-less and laid up under a pile of blankets and pillows, I was able to spend plenty of time perusing the web and reading blogs, which is where I stumbled upon the ingenuity of wine drinkers who have whipped up new and novel ways to ingest my beloved wine.

1. From the blog The Busy Bee: Winesicles. I can't even imagine this deliciousness....I must make them.

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 2.  From the blog Thrive-Style: Wine Fruit Snacks. "There's always room for Jell-O," well, I couldn't argue with that statement when it comes to these.

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3. From the blog Sprinkle Bakes: Red Wine Lollipops. It's a lollipop, it's wine, it's a LOLLIPOP made of WINE (enough said).
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I would have happily devoured any of these wine creations last week while laying in my deathbed, if only I could have got the hubs to hit that kitchen and get to wine creating, what a different week it would have been.

Please visit these brilliant blogs by clicking on their titles and give one or all of their recipes a try!

This shamrock mold would be perfect for wine fruit snacks! (photo credit:

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