Monday, February 24, 2014

Wine 19: Blue Fin California Petite Sirah

Blue Fin's friendly label.
After two weeks of suffering through the bug that refused to leave my system, causing a lack of those all important senses of taste and smell, I am finally back to sipping and sharing my wine loving opinion.

This weeks bottle of budget friendly wine, Blue Fin California Petite Sirah, was purchased at the Trader Joe’s a month ago. No, I wasn’t attempting to age this golden glass encased wine, it just so happens that I had picked up this wine on a regular Joe’s stop before the dreaded illness sunk in, and it remained in the wine rack, lonely, and hoping to be poured into a stemmed glass for a month.

Once the Amoxicllin kicked in I was ready to taste, so I grabbed the bottle of Blue Fin Petite Sirah, purchased at the nice price of $3.99, popped the cork and gave it a pour. If you are unfamiliar with the Petite Sirah variety of wine, you should know right off the bat that it’s not necessarily user friendly, and by that I mean it has specific flavors that are a little harsher and not common to most reds. 

No description of the wine.
The Blue Fin Petite Sirah gives you it’s Petite Sirah’ness right out of the bottle, the scent is strong, with an edge that is not necessarily unpleasant, but dark and earthy.  The color is not unlike a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, but once you taste your first sip the difference in the body of the wine is evident.  The Blue Fin Petite Sirah is aggressive, it is peppery, smokey, and mildly tart.  The fruit flavors are reminiscent of blackberries and deep rich cherries, but that sweetness is quickly over come by the darker edginess of the wine.

Personally, I liked the Blue Fin Petite Sirah because I am the type of person who enjoys shaking things up a bit (especially when it comes at a easy to afford price tag), and I can appreciate the tartness and darker flavors of the wine.  If you are more of a cautious wine drinker, get more wine joy out knowing what to expect when you pour that glass, steer clear of the Blue Fin Petite Sirah and head toward something a bit more friendly like The California Rabbit Pinot Noir.

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