Monday, February 3, 2014

Wine 18: Buffalo Grove California Merlot

I used to consider myself a Cabernet Sauvignon type of girl. I loved the rich red hues, bold flavors, and the security of what to expect when ordering a glass of wine when out at a restaurant, but recently my taste have changed.  Now I would say that I gravitate more towards Merlot and Pinot Noirs (which is unfortunate because of the Pinot's more expensive price tag), but I find these two reds range of taste more broad, and usually more enjoyable as well.
The Buffalo.

The wine for this post, Buffalo Grove California Merlot, was purchased by the Hubs at the Total Wine, priced at $5.99, and handed over to me with a look in my husbands eye that said, "I hope this doesn't suck" (that look generally accompanies his wine choices).  This look mostly stems from the fact the Hubs chooses completely based on labels alone, and this particular bottle has a picture of a Buffalo on it, why this buffalo interested him, well....your guess is as good as mine.

I was lucky that the wine was a Merlot, it could have been a red table wine or Beaujolais for all the Hubs knows, so when I thanked him and said, "Nice, a Merlot," he smiled and replied, "Oh, is that what it is?" I guess it's the sort-of thought that counts in this case.

The reverse side of the Buffalo Grove Merlot's label is kind of ridiculous, the writer tells a tale of how the majestic buffalo (as in the animal) searched out the best places to live and feed, and in a similar nature, this wine maker exhausted themselves to find "artisan" grapes to create their Merlot (wow, I think a description of the wines taste would have been sufficient, but someone was feeling creative).

The fairy story-style label.
I twisted off the Buffalo Grove Merlot's cap, poured it into my glass, and noticed immediately how dark the color of the wine was. Merlots are typically darker in hue, but this was drastic.  I am talking almost black, I held the glass under a light and both the Hubs and I commented on how it virtually lacked any color whatsoever.  Fortunately, the dark color has little to do with the Merlot's flavor, which is surprisingly fresh, fruity, and light.  The Buffalo Grove Merlot starts out with a crisp currant flavor and ends with a deeper taste, reminiscent of dark chocolate (who doesn't love that), and is overall very enjoyable.

I think the Buffalo Grove Merlot is a great inexpensive wine find, even if it was a complete fluke that it ended up in my house. I say if you are looking for a Merlot that has a bit more to offer and have six bucks burning a hole in your pocket, definitely pick up a bottle.

Maybe this for the Hubs for Valentine's Day??

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