Monday, January 13, 2014

Wineducation: Vinturi Wine Aerator

I have been an aerator from way back. I received the Vinturi Wine Aerator as a Christmas gift many years ago, and was hooked on the screeching addition to my wine pour ever since. I also tout the benefits of the Vinturi Wine Aerator to my fellow wine lovers because I truly believe it smooths out the rougher aspects of the flavor of wines (especially the budget-friendly fare that I talk about here).

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For those of you still pouring your glass of wine straight from the bottle, the lovers of the traditional or skeptics of the NEW must have gadget, I say broaden your horizons and the flavor of your wines with an aerator.  You don’t have to take my word for it, but you may want to take this article’s word for it, “How Do Vinturi Wine Aerators Work?” by Sarah Meadows, the technical writer and editor at The Wine’d Up blog.

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Meadows reminds her readers that exposing a wine to oxygen has a chemical reaction with the properties of a wine, these reactions enhance, downplay, and blend the complex flavors (Meadows,  Aerating a glass of wine is a quick way to expose the body of the wine to air, as opposed to decanting and allowing the wine to breathe prior to drinking, and really…who has time for all that. 

Take a moment to read the article, How Do Vinturi WineAerators Work, to gather all the not-so-complicated reasons that the author gives that suggest purchasing a Vinturi to allow for even further enjoyment while sipping a glass of wine.  Read the How Do Vinturi Wine Aerators Work here.

“How Do Vinturi Wine Aerators Work?” Wine’d 12 January 2014, Web.

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