Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wineducation: Screw Cap Wines

A twist off cork does not a bad wine make,  this is a stance that I have taken for some time. While others make snide comments as I am twisting the cap off a wine bottle, “Wow, your breaking out the good stuff,” I smile with an understanding that they are not in the know. I don’t waste my time trying to change the minds of these particular people, they have cork on the brain and there is no changing their air leaking dry rotted wine sealing opinion, but others, those who minds are open to change and not stuck on the pomp and circumstance of the “pop” of the cork, I divulge the benefits of the twist off cap.
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While reading the Google News headlines, I happened across an article that brings the twist off wine cap into the acceptable light of wine drinking, and it offers great information to support my side of the twist off cap debate.  The article, Cork Versus Screw Cap: Don’t Judge a Wine By How It’s Sealed, by Allison Aubrey, offers great reasons to not discredit a wine with a screw cap. Aubrey offers views from the senior winemaker at the popular and delicious Cupcake Vineyards and a Washington Post wine writer that include, screw caps seal out oxygen (important for crisp wine varieties), are better for wines that are not meant to be aged, and screw caps increase the ease in opening a bottle (wine three seconds faster, yes please) (Aubrey, npr.org). Basically, the article explains how a screw cap is not a sign of a cheaply made wine anymore, there are real scientific reasons that the drinker benefits from the screw cap, so now you can unscrew the cap off your next bottle of wine with impunity.

Do yourself a favor and read, Cork Versus Screw Cap, especially if you are interested in schooling those snarky know-it-all cork loving wine drinkers (or if you and a friend are enjoying a bottle with a twist cap and you want to offer a little wine lovers info). Click here for the Cork Versus Screw Cap article.

“Cork Versus Screw Cap: Don’t Judge a Wine By How It’s Sealed.” Npr.org. 02 Jan 2014, Web.

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