Monday, January 20, 2014

Wineducation: Go Californian

You may follow what is trending on twitter, buy the latest “it” shoes from Nordstroms, or covet the newest must-have gadgets, but do you devote any time to what is trending in the world of wines?  

Admittedly, I am an on-again-off-again wine trend follower. I enjoy visiting Google News and typing  “wine” in the search queue to see what interesting tidbit of information pops up, but for the most part the job of mom-wife-wine drinker is a lot to handle, so the wine trends fall off my radar.
Maybe, a little light reading...

Although, inspired by the New Year, I decided to take a moment to see what is happening in the world of wines and was excited to read the prediction that California is going to be leading the trends in wine in 2014.

The San Francisco Gate posted an article, Cheers! Banner Year Forecast for California Wine, by Stacy Finz, that connects the many dots that give the impression of California’s upcoming wine winning year, such as: 

·      The grape harvest in California is expected to be the second largest in state history (3.9 million TONS).
·      The quality of the California grown grape is high, which means even better tasting wines.
·      With the large abundance of wine producing grapes comes the ability to produce MORE wine allowing for lower prices in the market.

All this glorious California wine news makes me proud to be a budget-wine drinking SoCal Mama, as well as, it gives me a good direction to look while searching out my latest inexpensive wine finds.

Please take a moment and experience all the expected California wine glory in Stacy Finz's article at the San Francisco Gate here.

 “Cheers! Banner Year Forecast for California Wine,” Stacy Finz. San Francisco Gate. Web. 16 Jan. 2014.

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