Monday, January 27, 2014

Wineducation: Age it or Drink it?

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One of the perks of my love of wine is that people gift me bottles for most any occasion, dinner parties, birthdays, and the Christmas holidays have all added a nice selection to my wine rack (if only there could be more reasons).  With all these beautiful bottles of wine comes the lingering question if whether some of the higher end bottles we should drink right away, as in, “Thank you for this…now let’s pop the cork of this bad boy,” or be saved as in, “Thank you, we will save this lovely bottle for a special occasion.”

So before I reach the bottom of my wine rack and have delightfully devoured every single bottle, I thought it was high time I figured out how to tell the difference between a bottle meant to be enjoyed “young” (meaning: it was vinted with the intention to be poured right away) or when to cellar a bottle (meaning: allow that bottle to shine by giving it time).

My “age it or drink it” quest was not a lengthy process, thanks to the abundance of wine blogs and news sources available by dancing our fingers across the keyboard these days, I found a site that answered my questions (and that I will be revisiting for future wine inquiries as well), Wine Folly dot com.

In the article, Is it Worth Cellaring, by Justin Hammack, the mystery of whether a wine is destined to age well is easily explained. Hammack let’s his readers know right out of the gate that 99% of wines are NOT created to be aged, thanks to a handy-dandy infographic he shares which varieties are meant to be aged and for how long, as well as, he offers up the plain truth that a lofty price tag is usually attached to a bottle of wine worth aging, priced at $30 or more (Hammack, Seems easy enough, right?

If you find yourself in the same quandary as I was, pondering over aging or drinking that higher-end bottle of vino that Aunt Gertrude brought to your house warming, you need to read Hammacks’ article, Is it Worth Cellaring (here). Once you have solved the “age it or drink it” mystery of the gift bottle filled wine rack, you can finally get to drinking those alluring bottles that have been calling to you ever since they ended up in your wine-loving hands.

“Is it Worth Cellaring?” 20 June 2012. Web. 26 January 2014

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