Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wine 17: Found Object Malbec

After a lovely dinner at Maria's Italian Kitchen, that was accompanied by a delicious Robert Mondavi California Pinot Noir, the Hubs and I decided to pop in to Trader Joe's and pick up a bottle of wine to complete the evening.  The Hubs is a lover of "real booze" as I call it, you know sipping bourbon or an aged whiskey, so the decision making involved picking a wine that would offer a slow burn.

As in typical Middle-Class Mama fashion, my eye immediately dropped to the bottom shelf, searching out any prices under ten dollars, and I zeroed in on a bottle of Found Object Argentinian Malbec priced at $3.99. A Malbec is a wine that typically brings forward a more robust flavor that I thought would fulfill the Hubs likes and considering some of the wines I've drank in my day, I knew I would be fine with almost anything.

I am a sucker for a cute label and the Found Object does not disappoint, with a drawing of a bell being rung by a disembodied hand and a quick quip on the reverse about the versatility of something that is taken for granted and the re-purposing of it to work in a new way, which is a thoughtful introduction to the wine (as well as, if the winery put some thought into the label, maybe they did the same with the wine).

I cut the foil, with my new nifty foil cutter, and twisted out the synthetic cork to pour the very deep purple wine into our waiting wine glasses. Robust is a very good description of The Found Object Malbec, the strength of the dark grape creates a flavor that is smokey and full of burn, but not past the point of pleasant.  Both the Hubs and I enjoyed the wine, it only lasted a glass or two before the bottle hit the recycle bin, which is usually a sign of a more than decent bottle of wine in our house.

Here we go, if you enjoy BIG flavor, go for The Found Object Malbec, it is priced right and it will expand your wine drinking tastes.  If you enjoy wine, but aren't looking to do the work of acquiring a taste for the wine before you can enjoy it, I would say pass on The Found Object Malbec, because it may take more than a glass or two to get past the headiness (if you find yourself in this second group of wine drinkers, stop by Costco and grab the Kirkland Cabernet Sauvignon from last weeks review).
Love the thumb grip on these!

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