Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wine 15: Green Fin Merlot

I think I enjoy the process of looking for wines almost as much as I do drinking them (I said almost, I am not a crazy person). Well, except for when the pesky wine clerk keeps asking me if I need help, which I never do, I simply enjoy the label art, reading the descriptions, and hopefully uncovering a new bottle that will blow my Uggs off.

This week, while picking up banana chips and spiced chai tea bags at the Trader Joe's, I did my normal walk through of the wine section and decided to give a bottle of Green Fin California Merlot a whirl.

The Green Fin Merlot grabbed my attention because it's label features classic California styling, a woody wagon with a long board on top and a relaxed sketched title, it feels very Venice Beach.  The price, of course, is always a deciding factor when choosing a wine to share with you, dear readers, and the Green Fin Merlot price is just right, $3.99.

The Green Fin bottle called to me day after day while laying horizontally in my dark wooden wine rack, "Drink me Mama," and yesterday I gave in and popped the cork. The wine pours as a deep, dark red, and has a great aroma of black currant, not exceptionally sweet, but more clean and fresh. The first sip offered a sweet start, a delightful middle, and a tastefully smokey finish. The second sip was even more enjoyable and that's what concreted the deal for me, I decided this Green Fin Merlot is a fantastic wine (and it's produced from organic grapes...I am losing my wine loving mind, how much better can the Green Fin get?).

I am very happy to be able to recommend a great wine to you, after a run of contemptible wines (see: Tisdale and/or Three Winemakers), and I was ecstatic to sip a wine that is worth sharing. On your next trip to the Trader Joe's, while grabbing gluten free pretzels and hummus dip, grab a bottle of Green Fin Merlot and enjoy.

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