Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Wish List: The Wine Decanter

The wine decanter is an item that many wine lovers surprisingly do not have, some think they wouldn't use it or that decanting doesn't really do anything to enhance the wine, but regardless of the reason many of your wine loving gift recipients are without a decanter, giving you the opportunity to broaden their wine drinking horizons.

The reasons I believe a wine decanter is a good gift is because a decanter is a great way to camouflage a less expensive bottle of wine, it can dress up the table at a dinner party, and by exposing greater surface area of the wine to the air it can smooth out some of the more harsh flavors in a wine.  I have given a decanter as a gift in the past to a family member that is a brilliant hostess, she has used it and fell in love with the decanters' many useful facets, which is proof enough for me that the wine decanter is a go-to gift idea.

I found a wine decanter that is stylish, functional, and inexpensive on the Crate and Barrel website that would make a lovely gift.  The Venue Wine Decanter has a shape that is reminiscent of a bell jar, with an interior indentation rising up inside from the base for a dramatic and classic look, all at an easy to manage price of $14.99.  You can see the Venue Wine Decanter on the Crate and Barrel website here or by clicking the picture below:
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This next wine decanter is a great gift for those techies on your gift list, the very cool Wine Breather Carafe looks like a classic wine decanter with an interesting twist.  Built into the top of the decanter is an aerator, by placing an open bottle of wine down into the top, the wine is aerated as it pours into the decanter (you can leave the wine in the carafe or flip it back over to return to the bottle). I found the Wine Breather Carafe on the website: Uncommon Goods (a must visit gift giving website) for the higher end price of $50.00, you can view it by clicking here or on the photo below:

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The wine carafe/decanter is an awesome gift for those of whom you are gifting, whether they know they want it or not. Sometimes offering a new way to enjoy your favorite things (like wine, wine, and more wine) is a fun gift in and of itself. I'll keep looking for more great wine gift ideas, so keep coming back here, and hopefully I can help check some of those names off your list.