Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wine 13: Crow Canyon Vineyards Chardonnay

I am a lover of almost all styles of wine; reds, whites, and I'll even go for a blush when the opportunity presents itself. I would say that I am an equal opportunity wine drinker and will happily sip any variation. With this said, I did second guess my wine choice for this post, a Chardonnay, only because after the rather unfortunate white wine from my last post (Three 3 Winemakers) I wasn't sure I could take another white wine disappointment. I was planning on choosing a rich red, but that plan was derailed when my husband returned from his winter beer quest and handed me a Chardonnay, so in the name spontaneity I went with the bottle.

The bottle was a Crow Canyon Vineyards California Chardonnay, as I mentioned it was chosen by my husband, and most likely chosen because of the label art (a cool crow), purchased at the Total Wine priced at $5.99. I checked out the label and found no description, so as I poured the rich daffodil colored chardonnay into my wine glass I kept my expectations low, but as I took in the aroma I found it very agreeable.  The bottle contained a rich smell of pineapple blended with pear, along with a sweet vanilla which makes you want to dive right into the Crow Canyon Chardonnay.  After another inhale of the bouquet, I took a sip and I am glad to report that the Crow Canyon Chardonnay tasted great.  The ripe fruit, pineapple and pear, are the opening flavors followed by a dry vanilla, and this combination makes for a great Chardonnay.

I recommend bringing a bottle of Crow Canyon Chardonnay to any Thanksgiving dinners or left over pot lucks you may encounter this coming holiday week, the $5.99 price tag won't empty your wallet too much, and the great taste of the Crow Canyon Chardonnay will show off your diverse knowledge of what makes a good Chardonnay.

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