Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wine 12: Three 3 Winemakers White Wine

Well my friends it is time that it happened again, I have been on a winning wine streak, and as streaks are known to do, it has come to an end.  As much as I love sharing great budget wines with you I truly hate sharing the budget bombs but an honest wine drinking mama has got to do what an honest wine drinking mama has got to do, so here it is.

The wine for this review was given to me by a friend, a great friend that supports this blog by offering me bottles of wine that fit into my choice criteria: inexpensive (ten dollars and under), available at a major retailer (supermarket or discount stores), and interesting subject matter (when possible).  The Three 3 Winemakers, Featuring White Rabbit White Wine has a groovy label and a peace sign on the foil covering, this was most likely the reason my friend made this choice, she is a little hippy dippy (in the most fantastic way).  Personally, I enjoy a wine labelled "white wine," otherwise known as a table white, the lack of pretenses of what the wine should be are out the window, leaving plenty of space to simply enjoy the wine.  Unfortunately, the Three 3 Winemakers White Wine was not one I enjoyed, while it was awfully heavy on acidic fruit flavors it was complimented with a disappointing syrupy sweetness that left me unable to finish the glass (this is an indication of a serious wine faux pas in this wine drinkers playbook).  I wish I could say that I believed it was possible the Three 3 Winemakers White Wine was just not my personal cup of tea, but passing the glass to my "I will drink almost anything" husband sealed the disappointment when he turned down the opportunity to finish it up for me.

Sorry Three 3 Winemakers your white wine is not for me and unfortunately if my readers tastes are anything close to mine I can't recommend your far out peacefully packaged wine, even with a three dollar price tag.

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