Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wine 11: California Rabbit Pinot Noir

Sometimes I find the amount of errands, as in trips to the market, I make unbelievable.  How can one small family of three be in need of something as often as we are? Although, these frequent trips put me in places that I can scope out a new bottle of wine to share with the rest of the lovely wine drinkers out there.  This week I was once again at the Big Lots, in need of Chex Mix and Angry Bird Popsicles, and was actually excited to peruse their wine aisle, where I found an interesting wine choice for this post, California Rabbit.

The California Rabbit Pinot Noir 2009 is packaged in a "Tetra Pack," now if you have read my previous post you might remember me being burned by choosing a wine because of it's sustainable packaging (you can read it here: The Bota Box), so I was hoping the California Rabbit would change my opinion on wines packaged in those small rectangular boxes.  The description printed on the box offers the suggestion of serving the California Rabbit Pinot Noir with "poultry, veal, and most cheeses," as a compliment to the wine's "sweet cherry," flavor. Well, I don't have chicken, veal, or a cheese plate so the wine will have to stand solo tonight.

I twisted off the California Rabbit Pinot Noir's tiny orange cap, poured the lovely deep red wine into my glass, and inhaled the mildly spicy aroma. My first impression of the taste was that the wine is good, I was surprised because of my past tetra box wine experience, but the California Rabbit tasted just as great as any Pinot Noir poured from a bottle. As the description mentioned, there is a slight sweet cherry flavor, but I would say the spicy (darker) flavors are more prevalent, together the mix is rather good.

Luckily, I found this California Rabbit Pinot Noir for the very nice price of $3.00, but I have seen the wine elsewhere between $8 and $9 (a bit much for this particular wine), hopefully a discount store near you will have it at the lower price.  I am going to recommend purchasing the California Rabbit Pinot Noir for a week night treat or to bring to a very Eco-conscious host at a dinner party (you will make serious points for lessening your carbon foot print), and you will look like you have great taste in wine (a win win for you).

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