Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holiday Wish List: Wine Bottle Coaster

It is official, the race to the holidays has started, and in an attempt to help you have an answer at the ready for the ever present holiday question, "what's on your wish list," I am going to offer you some great gift ideas that you can have chambered and ready to go for yourself and for others.

My first suggestion is a very important item for us red wine drinkers: a wine coaster. Many a beautiful kitchen counter has been ruined by red wine rings caused by a careless pour dripping down the bottom of the bottle, and the wine bottle coaster is an easy fix for this.

The Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Coaster is an excellent choice for the low maintenance, just want a glass a wine without having to scrub my counters later, type of wine drinker.  The Vacu Vin coaster is cool because it vacuum sucks onto the bottom of the bottle, so it stays on the bottle when you pick it up. This helps to avoid banging the bottom of the bottle all around the rim of the coaster when attempting to put it down, handy! It is priced on Amazon at $10.71, at this price you may even be able budget in a bottle of wine to go along with the coaster as a gift.  You can view this wine coaster at Amazon by clicking on the picture below:
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The Pottery Barn is a no-brainer when it comes to gift giving and their wine accessories are no exception.  There are three wine coasters to choose from on the Pottery Barn web site, but the one I chose to share with you is an exceptionally great gift idea. The Rhodes Bottle Coaster, priced at $24.95, is classy, classic, and will fit into almost any one's home decor.  With the loop handles on either side of the distressed white earthenware coaster, the Pottery Barn's Rhodes Bottle Coaster looks like an antique champagne bucket, adorable and fairly priced. You can check it out here: Pottery Bar Rhodes Bottle Coaster

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I hope these suggestions have inspired you, not only to start your list for the lovely people in your life, but also for yourself. Life is easier at the holidays when people tell us what they really don't be afraid to put it out there and check back here for more suggestions to come.

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