Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Wish List: The Bottle Stopper

The bottle stopper is a wine accessory that can be functional, stylish, or both, but either way I believe the bottle stopper is a must have.  I have gone through many a bottle stopper, I have lost countless stoppers to kitchen black holes (under the fridge, behind the stove, and quite possibly the trash can), and I welcome one as a gift any time.  I researched the bottle stopper and was overwhelmed by the choices, I left my computer desk utterly unable to choose just two that I found outstanding enough to suggest, so I chose two websites that I think had good selections and fair prices.

I am a fan of my first website choice, Sur La Table, I have purchased kitchen wares from them that came in less than perfect condition, and they didn't just replace the damaged goods, they told me to keep the first shipment, and sent out a new perfect order (good on them).  Sur La Table's wine stopper collection is more on the functional side, in particular the Metrokane Wine Preserver ($19.95), this stopper is cool because all of us like a gadget that saves the flavor of our wine, looks sleek, and we actually understand how to use.  Please feel free to use this link to Sur La Table Metrokane stopper set or click on the picture below:

Metrokane Wine Preserver, photo credit:

The next website I came across that offered an interesting selection of wine stoppers is, Home Wet  This website stood out to me particularly because the wine stoppers have personality (different themes: an owl or fire department symbol), without looking cheap or campy, and their prices are reasonable. The two that I like in particular on the Home Wet Bar website are: the Vintage Hot Rod in Ivory, priced at $10.95 and the Highborne Personalized stopper in Copper, priced at $24.95 (copper is a much more chic choice than stainless steel or acrylic). Please feel free to click on the pictures below or here: Home Wet, to check out their selection.
Highborn, photo credit:

Vintage Hot Rod, photo credit:
Here you go, another great gift idea for anyone in your life that loves wine and deserves a little something, a little something that shows you know what they like and that you were thinking about them this holiday season. Until next time....

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