Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wine 9: Benefactor Cellars: Shiraz 2012

Good day my fellow wino's, and I use this term with the greatest affection, it's time I give the low down on my latest wine pick.  From the middle shelves of the Trader Joe's wine section (I picked up this bottle at the same time as my unfortunate disappointment from last post) I chose Benefactor Cellars Shiraz 2012.  This is a purely aesthetic decision, with our favorite holiday Halloween, closely approaching I thought the Benefactor Cellars Shiraz label would be a hauntingly beautiful addition to our table on Halloween evening.

The Benefactor Cellars label is very Dia de los Muertos,  for those of you unfamiliar with this Spanish term it means, The Day of the Dead, and the artwork is doing a fantastically spooky job at presenting itself as a macabre bottle of wine.  Although, the label is not offering any sort of description of what may be hiding in wait under that blood red twist off cork, so it is with an unsuspecting palate that I give the bottle a pour to see what it has to offer.

The Benefactor Cellars Shiraz has a great aroma of black cherries, the color is the same blood red as the label, and the taste is great.  The flavor is more currant than black cherry, it has a warm aftertaste, and I would even say it is a bit sophisticated (much more than its $4.99 price).  Here I go, this is when I say to buy or not to buy, and I a bottle of the Benefactor Cellars Shiraz, it will be five bucks well spent.

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