Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wine 7: Canyon Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine I am reviewing this week was not chosen by me, it was a surprise bottle purchased by my husband during a trip to the Total Wine.  I queried into his thought process behind the choice, like many aspects of my husbands life, he stated there was neither rhyme nor reason in his choice, he saw the bottle and he bought it. So, my dear reader, my experience with said bottle will have no preconceived
notions and will be completely without expectations.

The bottle in question is Canyon Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon purchased, as I mentioned, by my husband at the Total Wine at the list price of $4.99.  Anyone with experience with the Total Wine knows it can be an overwhelming place to pick a bottle of wine, the prices range from $1.97 to the sky's the limit, but with an overabundance of choice comes the side effect of confusion.  So without having any knowledge about the Canyon Oaks Cab I looked to the label where the description toasts the wines aromas, including cassis, mint and chocolate.  That all sounds good, but really how often does the wine do the label justice?

I got my trusty cork screw and was ready for The Canyon Oak's minty-chocolate aroma, unfortunately that was not what I found, to be fair there was a hint of cassis but the aroma was not as impressive as the label description.  I went in for my first sip and was taken aback by the acidity, I knew I was in for heart burn so I grabbed an alka seltzer to pair with my glass of wine (never a great sign).  The Canyon Oaks Cab is a little rough for my taste, it is a bit too heavy and dry for my liking, although my husband thought it was "okay" (buyer be cautious: he could have been swayed by the fact it was his choice).

The Canyon Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon is not for everyone, it is not a great bottle to serve to mixed company, nor would I bring it as a gift to a host.  In defense of the Canyon Oaks Cab I did drink a full glass and never wretched once (meaning it is drinkable), so if you happen to have a bottle or are served a glass at a friends house give it a shot, but for $4.99 I think you could find a more taste worthy bottle of wine.

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